Business Growth

Growth doesn’t just ‘happen’, it is earned. Find out how we can create an environment and culture conducive with growth and be receptive to opportunities. Learn the key mistakes made by most companies and us this information.


Find out how we can bring in extra revenue through public and private tenders, growing your business. Harris Associates have won tenders into the hundreds of millions and can bring this expertise to the table for you.


Planning and strategy is key. Most businesses have clear goals but not clear and effective strategies to achieving their goals. We can help put the right stepping stones in place to achieve results for safe and sustainable growth.

Sustainable Growth Underpinned by Quality Services

Strategy is nothing without execution

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Bringing Growth Though Strategy, Planning and Expertise

  • Complete Health CheckLet us ‘health check’ your business to ensure you have the right systems and accreditations in place is key to providing client confidence
  • Strategy and PlanningLet us help develop your strategies and plan your growth in a safe, sustainable way.
  • Buying/Selling BusinessesWe have experience in buying and selling businesses as a broker. Interested in selling? Harris Associates can find an interested party and help you to get that sale.
  • Quality DevelopmentImprove your shape by sharpening policies, procedures, accreditations, such as ISO 9001, CHAS, EXOR and Safeconstractor.
  • Business PartnersGetting the right business partners on board is key. We can put you in touch with quality services to help reduce growing pains.
  • StaffingCommitment to business growth requires effective structures and staff with sound skill-sets and experience.
  • Target SettingSetting the right targets helps you to keep a handle on growth and benchmark success.
  • Targeted RecruitmentAppoint skilled staff with the knowledge and skills to make an impact on your business and sustain your growth.
  • Electronic MarketingGood marketing is the key for organic growth.  Use the internet and social media to market your business.